*Law Enforcement DT*Civilian Self-defense Against Unarmed and Armed Attackers*Weapons Training*Krav Maga *FMA * The aim of ESDF reality based self-defense training is to increase the participant’s skill set, physical preparedness, self-confidence and mental preparedness for a violent encounter. The training at ESDF allows people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve a higher level of proficiency, awareness, and abilities within a relatively short period of time. The training utilizes the body’s natural instincts and reflexes in a “fight or flight” situation and transforms them into effective self-defense therefore eliminating the need to “memorize” techniques. ESDF offers Krav Maga Self-defense, Weapons Training, Law Enforcement DT and Modules, Combat Arts, Youth Training, MMA Conditioning, Fitness, Warrior Motivation and Coaching…. Private… Group … Corporate … Event… Certification…
Training Locations:

McKinney, TX: 115 Aero Country Road M McKinney, TX 75071. *White building/black shutters. MAP (Civilian & LEO)

Flower Mound, TX: 3051 Churchill Drive, Suite 250 Flower Mound TX 75022 MAP

Dallas, TX: 5934 Royal Lane #252, Dallas, TX 75230 (Preston Hollow) MAP

Mesquite, TX: 2405 IH 30 Mesquite, TX 75150 (West Bound) MAP

Forney, TX: 110 Justice Center Drive Forney, TX 75126 (LEO training)

*Other locations available by arrangement.

All private lesson training is done by individual appointment times.




314-764-KRAV (5728)


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